Bertha Earth Stories
[under way]
In a dedicated endeavour to amplify the voices of the young environmental leaders, storytellers, and changemakers who reignite a great love for our planet, I am intricately involved in the creation of Bertha Earth's new storytelling platform —an ever-expanding and diverse network of narratives, serving as a testament to their commitment.
creative direction, web design, content curation

Marché LE LOI
[under way]
A purposeful collection of utilitarian articles meant to withstand both trends and time —ranging from ‘heritage homeware’ to ‘wearable art’. By honouring the dynamic essence of craftsmanship and the delightful spontaneity of handmade creations, our intention is to connect venerable traditions with the contemporary, encapsulating a ‘nomadic lifestyle well lived’, as we call it.
brand identity, web design, creative direction, content curation, copywriting, collaterals, social strategy

hOMe Day
Born out of OM Factory studio's warm embrace of people, this haven nestled amidst the rice fields of Hoi An serves as both a guesthouse and yoga retreats destination. I took immense pride in conceiving and bringing to life its image and website —with a special emphasis on nurturing the additional enriching encounters curated by the hosts.
brand identity, web design, creative direction, content curation, copywriting, collaterals

Green Transition Partners

Lansdowne is the bespoke green transition division within the RIFORMA group, delivering human capital solutions across the entire development cycle of renewable energy projects. Specifically crafted for the Northern-European market, I envisioned its brand and digital touchpoints to align with this distinctive landscape.
brand identity, web design, content curation, copywriting, collaterals

RIFORMA Collective
2021 / 2023
A purpose-driven international search and selection firm that embraces a social enterprise business model. Fueled by a deep fascination for architecture and the human environment, I embody the creative essence of the brand. My varied influences mould the curation of this realm and its complementary elements, entrusting me with the responsibility of communications and partner experience.
brand identity, web design, creative direction, content curation, copywriting, collaterals, social strategy

Bertha Earth Foundation
2021 / 2023
Collaborating with a UK environmental organization dedicated to supporting, amplifying, and inspiring youth-led action through individuals, partners, and narratives. Over these years, I have been consistently consulted for the development of several engaging assets, which encompass (but are not limited to): brand guidelines for their BE Ambassadors programme, the newsletter subscription journey, and the strategic direction for their Instagram account.
brand identity, creative direction, interactive design, content marketing, social strategy

Max Mara Fashion Group
2020 / 2023
A continuous, enduring collaboration rooted in expertise, dedicated to crafting the brand's B2C and B2B newsletters. My involvement spans from conceptual design to asset delivery, encompassing adaptations for web and social platforms.
content marketing, copywriting

OM Factory
An urban sanctuary devoted to yoga and the healing arts, OM Factory originated in NYC in 2006 and has since expanded across Asia. When Fara Marz, its visionary founder and architect, approached me to craft a bilingual website for the Vietnamese branch in Hoi An, I embraced his vision wholeheartedly. Striving to mirror the studio's inclusive and community-focused ethos, I invite anyone encountering this website—regardless of their background, language, or experience level—to navigate its content at their own pace and discover the liminal realms that exist between each aspect.
web design, creative direction, production, content curation, copywriting

Alice Cantoni
Alice is a talented professional whose expertise spans from styling to set design to analog photography. Together we crafted a compelling, comprehensive image enabling her to fully tap into her market potential.
brand identity, web design, creative direction, social strategy, collaterals

[in co-lab with Dorentina Cakaj]
Funtasia Impact, a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering pioneering educational programs to underprivileged communities, is the nonprofit arm of Funtasia's Enterprise. I was engaged right from the initial concept of designing their new website, a process that also entailed curating their existing materials.
concept design, web design, content curation

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