Before you move on.

Ciao there, it’s Laura (Lah-oo-rah)—delighted that you've found your way to my creative playground. I’m a digital artisan and curator with a diverse toolkit rooted in interior design, fashion, and media. My expertise lies in translating brand narratives into meaningful connections with audiences. 

Inspired by
analog nuance
 and thoughtful simplicity, I I create digital concepts that
resonate with intention
. My journey spans
East Africa
, and now Italy and Dublin—hailing originally from a small town of glorious
culinary wonders
. Whether you're a purpose-driven brand, a dynamic agency, or an individual seeking a unique online presence, I'm all about syncing up with kindred spirits.

When not designing, you'll find me   nurturing a
, researching ,
 or embracing that
. And practically speaking, I'm just a click away

Feel free to dive into a (un)curated glimpse of my work: ideas-turned-realities that will hopefully leave a mark, spark a smile, maybe even inspire a little awe.


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