Before you move on.

Ciao there, it’s Laura (read: Lah-oo-rah, the Italian way) —here to connect the dots and foster meaningful upshots. I’m a digital artisan and curator, equipped with a diverse toolkit cultivated from the realms of interior design, fashion, and media. Delighted that you've found your way to my creative playground.

In recent endeavours, I've joined forces with progressive art and lifestyle circles and heart-driven causes to unearth organic experiences that transcend disciplines.  Drawing inspiration from the
analog nuance
 and thoughtful simplicity, I seek digital concepts that
resonate with intention
. Craft and design entwine, a dance of distinction and familiarity. Whether it’s brands with purpose, agencies with flair, or individuals who crave the exceptional, I'm all about syncing up with kindred spirits. 

I once called
East Africa
 home, then set my compass for
 —hailing originally from a small town of glorious
culinary wonders
. My reach spans globally while I now find myself currently rooted between Italy and Dublin.

When not elbow-deep in design rapture, you'll find me: 

Nurturing a
 powered by purpose since 2021
Crafting narratives around architecture and human habitats at
, my own research outlet
Embracing that
 through a personal odyssey initiated by a yearning to etch my experiences from the vibrant landscapes of Vietnam and Thailand
 on my backyard hammock, giving off an air of zen while I contemplate the tapestries of many a lives and chart courses for the journeys ahead
And practically speaking, I'm just a click away

If you’re still with me, hop on a jaunt through this (un)curated chaos that is my portfolio. Feel free to close this tab and start browsing through ideas-turned-pixel-perfect-realities that'll hopefully leave a mark, spark a smile, maybe even inspire a little awe.


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